Golbal Youth. Climate Strike. in Sacramento CA 9/20/19

Decided to take a stab at a more journalistic style of event photography. Since I live about 40 minutes from Sacramento, I figured I would start there. I discovered that Friday September 20, 2019 there was a Climate Strike Rally for Youth on the Capital steps.

I didn’t know what to expect or how large the rally was going to be, but I grabbed my camera bag and headed to downtown Sac.

Many younger kids were there. The speakers I was able to hear were 13 and 16 years old and quite articulate. They were very clear that climate change is a huge and immediate issue for them.

There was also a large showing of the baby boomers. An excellent mixture of the young and younger.

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Folsom Lake Marina

My husband and I were walking the dog at the lake after we took care of some boat duties.  The sunset was breathtaking.  We simply watched the sun set among the swaying flagpoles of the sailboats.  I promised myself I would return the next night to take photos.  Well I was a good girl and I did.  I’m still new to night photography.  I know you have to have a tripod and be really still to get a clear exposure.  BUT…the best view was on the docks WHICH were swaying quite a bit as the final boaters dry docked their boats.  Photos are a little fuzzy…but I’m just glad I forced myself out of the house for a photo shoot.  Learned a lot and now I have a new challenge.  Editing OUT the awful light from that dock house.  ;)

Nu Wray Inn

In September 2018, my sister rented out the Nu Wray Inn in Burnsville, North Carolina.  It is a 23 room inn that dates back to 1894.  Elvis has a room named after him at the inn because he once stayed there.  I wanted to get pictures but it was set up for the bridesmaids. 



I did not photograph my sister’s wedding but did snap a couple photos from that day.

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