Gavin’s Backyard Blanket Shoot

So my son has photographer’s child syndrome. He absolutely hates and refuses to have his picture taken. Which is heart breaking for me since he is such a beautiful boy. He will either run in the opposite direction or simply make contorted faces. The last time he allowed me to photograph him, I had to pay him $10.00.

Well tonight, he wasn’t interested in helping dad pull weeds. So he decided to be my model…and for free.

I could just die with how well these came out.

This momma’s heart is full. 💙💛💙


Yosemite is God’s country.  Nature in all its breathtaking glory.  I had witnessed the beauty of Yosemite in early Ansel Adams photography books that I received for Christmas.  But it was not until I was able to visit in person, did I truly appreciate the gorgeousness that is Yosemite valley.

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