Robotics 1.7.23 - El Dorado Hills Event Photographer

Falkon Robotics 1.7.23

My son Gavin is on a Robotics team.  Their goal is to build, code, and drive robots in an obstacle course to win points.  This was my first ever Robotics competition.  It is an all day event with like 50 heats.  Once you get down the to last few alliance heats, where the winners compete for the most points, it gets pretty competitive.

As far as photography, shooting in a gym is about the worse setting you can get but we must persist.  My goal in capturing these images was to capture each child at the activity that they enjoy.  All kids need to be celebrated for their activities.  I hope you enjoy these images from the Falkon Robotics competition on 1.7.2023 at Marina Village Middle School.

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Time to Thrive - El Dorado Hills Photographer

Time to Thrive

This is a letter to me about me.  

Ok me.  It is time to get real.  Time to look that girl in the face and stop.  Stop with the imposter syndrome.  Stop with the self doubt.  Just stop.

If not now, then when?  When?  Tick. Tick Tick.  That proverbial clock stops for no one.  You have survived quite a bit so far in this life. Life hasn’t kicked the total shit out of you yet. Yet.  Don’t give it a chance.

It’s like Mel Robbins says, “No one is coming.  No one.  No one is coming to tell you to eat better. No one is coming to tell you to put your phone down.  No one is coming to tell you to move on from that job you have outgrown. No one.”

It’s time to put on those Big Girl Panties and bet on you.  Bet on yourself.  You have supported everyone in your life so well.  Hell you even made a career out of it.  Now its your turn.  It’s time to step into the light.  Step out of the darkness and embrace all the talents you have to offer.  It’s going to take courage.  It’s going to take grit.  It’s going to be hard.  But life is hard anyways.  Pick your hard.  

“You became the version of yourself in order to survive.  Now is time to become the version of yourself to thrive.”

Thrive is my word of 2023.  I didn’t realize it until just now but it is.  It is the perfect word because it can be applied differently to each person.  Success is usually defined and then judged by the outsider.  But how do you know when someone is thriving?  For many, it may not look like success.  Thriving is succinctly individual.

So here is to thriving in 2023. It is YOUR time to shine.

Love me

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