Grabowy Family - El Dorado Hills Family Photographer

Family sessions are always fun but this one was extra special.  This year, my family and I flew to Philadelphia to visit my sister and her family.  It had been 4 years due to the pandemic so we were overdo for a visit.  It was so good to see my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew. During our visit, I photographed a family session, two senior sessions and a headshot.  Phew.  

I thought photographing family would be easier but it was actually quite stressful.  Not because anyone was difficult; it was because I wanted to impress them.  I did have the setting on my side. I was fortunate that we visited back east just as the leaves were beginning to turn. I did not necessarily plan for this but it definitely worked to my advantage.

Here in California, I have spent literal hours driving around the area looking for pops of fall color.  I feel like it’s just not fair how beautiful their foliage is, but they do have snow so I guess it all works out. 

Turns out we had lots of fun and I am happy to report that their photos turned out gorgeous and are now hanging on my wall. Perk of being the photographer. ;)

Of course we had to end on a fun note!!

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Meeting Strangers in Barnes and Noble - El Dorado Hills Portrait Photographer

It takes a particular personality to meet a complete stranger…and then pose and take photographs.  I do love swapping photos with fellow photogs because its probably the least stressful photo shoot I do.  I don’t know why.  Maybe I should be more nervous as I could be judged by a peer, but I usually think “they are probably feeling as nervous and silly as I do.”  

When Britney, Your Creative Counterpart, reached out that she wanted to swap a shoot, I was game.  Just like every other current professional using social media or Linked In, you need a current photo of yourself.  You just do.  And as a girl who loves to change her hairstyle/color every 8 weeks or so, it never hurts to capture the current hue of my hair.

Both a lover of books, we decided to meet at Barnes and Noble.  Again.  Meeting a complete stranger.  Taking photos in the middle of Barnes and Noble.  And then having MY photo taken.  It takes a certain type.

I found a friend of like mindset in Britney.  Couple minutes of small talk and we were shooting.  We both wanted a couple working shots of ourselves for social media.  Writing notes.  Reading a book.  Posing with our cameras.  Nothing too elaborate or difficult but necessary and fun.

So I present to you Brittany’s photos from our branding shoot.  Lots for her to choose from for many social media posts.  I can’t wait to see how she uses them.

Check her out on Instagram at @yourcreativecounterpart 

If you would like to discuss a portrait session, you can contact me at:


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