Cabo Sunrise

I brought my camera to Cabo San Lucas for my first vacation away from the kids.  We vacationed at an all inclusive resort.  To be honest, I did not take many pictures.  I was too busy relaxing.  I did wake up one morning to catch the sunrise.  Totally worth it.

Sidewalk Cemetery

Are you the type of person who, upon seeing something curious, pulls over to investigate?  Or do you just keep on driving and always wonder? 

I personally will only drive past something so many times until I MUST stop.

My latest curiosity is this little gravesite located on Green Valley road in El Dorado Hills.  If you head east on Green Valley, just past Pleasant Grove Middle school, the gravesite is off to the right.  It looks like this:

Guess what?

It turns out, it is a gravesite for the founders of El Dorado Hills county.  

As you can see the plaque reads:

“Here rest many of the men and women who first saw the beauty and values this land and chose to remain and build the El Dorado county we cherish today.  You are welcome to visit this and other pioneer burial grounds for historical study, genealogical research or a peaceful walk.  Help us preserve these graves and markers for generations to come.”

When you stand on the plot, it is a gorgeous view of the valley below.  I can only imagine what the founders saw.  Sadly, there is now a middle school and a housing development encroaching upon the gravesite.  The cemetery will soon be dwarfed by its surroundings once the development goes in and you may not even notice it anymore.

Until then, if you drive past Pleasant Grove Middle school, check out the little cemetery.  And maybe just give a lil head nod to the founders of the land that we now call home.

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